Cyclone Heta’s Wrath:


Early January of 2004, a category 5 tropical cyclone named Heta took form within the South Pacific and made its mark on three tropical islands. Cyclone Heta unleashed its unrelenting force of nature on Samoa, Tonga and lastly NIUE Island – January 6th 2004.

Severely devastated from this natural disaster, a complete pathway of destruction transformed the majority of NIUE’s landscape. The islands tropical beauty and agricultural industries sustained significant damages and losses, including vanilla farming. The process of recovering from Cyclone Heta for many farmers was incredibly challenging and the industry eventually came to a crawl.


This loss of hope was contagious which had prevented countless farmers from successfully reinvesting in vanilla farming. After a few years from Cyclone Heta, a selective few persevered with vanilla and eventually approached an uninvolved local buyer to assist in buying vanilla pods. This is how the future founder of NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) started with vanilla and slowly other vanilla farmers who also persevered took notice of this new buyer.

In an effort to continue helping Niuean vanilla farmers and to provide their families with a sense of development for the local vanilla industry. NVI will strive to work together in partnership with all stakeholders, encouraging Niueans to progressively build the NIUE Vanilla Industry and

generate a reliable flow of income to the country and its people.

Cyclone Heta

Cyclone Heta

A class five hurricane with wind speeds of 250km/h.

Tapeu Intersection

Tapeu Intersection

Local flora and fauna were stripped from the island.

Major Set Backs

Major Set Backs

Coconut, fruit and vanilla farms struggled to recover.

A Pathway to Prosperity:


NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) will strive to proactively promote premium vanilla in NIUE and to the international community. NVI's secondary goal is to promote the country as a welcoming tourist destination in the South Pacific to potential tourists. This approach is one of many ways that we can contribute to NIUE’s tourism and economic development.


NVI currently offer a vanilla tour for an insightful experience to a farming practice that most will not be familiar with. If you are interested in learning more about this unique industry, our Vanilla Tours is specially designed to inspire and to give you a deeper understanding on NIUE Vanilla and its premium quality.