Reaching out:

Promoting NIUE Vanilla Organic through international trade exhibitions and special events has enabled the company to achieve new and promising opportunities. NVI’s marketing strategy varies from market to market and is subjected to market demand and characteristics. With previous exhibition experience, NIUE Vanilla Organic has successfully reached out to potential markets in various parts of the world. This includes the Pacific, North America, Asia and Europe. It is a main priority to continually strive to find new ways to improve all of NVI’s organic products. NVI is also dedicated in providing a diversified variety of Organic Vanilla based products ranging from Fresh Vanilla Pods, Pure Vanilla Paste, Pure Vanilla Extract and to many future innovations that are yet to be announced. We will always strive to find the best way to enhance and expand our competitiveness for the betterment of Niue Island and the local economy.

From humble beginnings, promoting NIUE Vanilla International is made possible with the valuable technical and financial assistance from our partners and regional agencies i.e NZAID, DAFF, PITIC (Aust), PITIC (NZ) PIFS, SPC and PIPSO. We are sincerely grateful for the valuable assistance.

Exhibition Video:

As a young company with limited funding, we have to make do with what we have. At the early stages of NVI, this simplistic video depicts our local farmers, a sneak peak into the processes of creating our products and the local vanilla plantations. Subscribe to our You Tube Channel for more video content and other relevant material.