Dedicated to Keep Our Vanilla Pure & Organic



BIOGRO New Zealand Ltd is New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency that provides group accreditation to NIOFA’s registered growers or farmers. Majority of the local farmers in Niue are fully certified organic farmers including farmers who specialise in local vanilla cultivation.



Niue Island Organic Farmers Association (NIOFA) is the local authority of all organic products that are produced or manufactured on Niuean soil. NIOFA is also responsible in the enforcement of all policies, guidelines and standards that are adopted from the BIOGRO Organic system of New Zealand. All of NIUE Vanilla International’s organic merchandises are officially endorsed with a BIOGRO certification to ensure that quality and safety standards are maintained at all times.



Niue Organic Export Association (NOEA) is the local coordinator of all organic exports including premium vanilla.  NOEA was founded in September 2009 with the support of NIOFA in an effort to actively cooperate with all local organic products that are being exported to the international market.

  Functions of NOEA:

  • Provide secretarial services to the private sector (Buyers and Farmers).

  • Monitor and regulate production processes to comply with BIOGRO Standards.

  • Assist its members in all matters pertaining to the vanilla industry.

  • Inspect, monitor and control the quality of vanilla products that are exported internationally.

  • Collect production and export data.