How Will We Manage With COVID-19?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

We Still Have Plenty To Do!

As we all know, the year 2020 started off with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been truly devastating for everyone. Not only has this global pandemic interrupted a few exciting plans that will take NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) to greater heights, it has also affected our way of exhibiting Niuean vanilla in overseas exhibitions. Nevertheless, we will always find a way to adapt and make the best of any situation that COVID-19 has left us in. Just as the rest of the world, we have resorted to online conferences and meetings to replace face to face networking. Travel restrictions have also disrupted all means of international travel and with it the many opportunities to exhibit in countries that we have yet to promote Niue’s premium vanilla. Throughout 2020, we directed a greater focus towards expanding and improving NVI’s vanilla farm in all aspects. Improving the efficiency and productivity of the farm is essential and we have been hard at work implementing as much infrastructural development as we can whilst we wait out the pandemic and hope for a return to normal. To cope with additional vines being planted in the thousands, we worked towards improving the water supply as it is one of the key differences to achieving the highest potential of a good harvest season. Just as any organic plant, it needs water to grow all year round and we now have a better water system in place to maintain a significant increase in vine capacity within the farm. It is also important to note that this will also help battle dry periods by greatly minimizing the effects of all future drought seasons.

Wait, there's more!

To widen our net of exposure, we are happy to announce that we have partnered up with a new and emerging online marketplace called Niuemarket. Created by Glen Jackson who is an established musician and a hard-working entrepreneur, Niuemarket aims to provide a trusted online platform for Niuean craftsmen, craftswomen and farmers to sell Niuean made merchandise. Several of our premium vanilla based products are featured on this new online marketplace in an effort to increase sales and to support the online promotion of Niuean products. Niuemarket opens an opportunity for locals to sell their products overseas without having to create and manage an online website of their own. Essentially, Niuemarket could have not come in a better time as the majority of these products are local hand crafts which can only be brought in person when potential buyers travel to NIUE. The greatest benefit that Niuemarket could give the locals is a trusted second source of income for Niuean families in NIUE which is much needed during these difficult times with COVID-19 hanging around. NVI wishes Niuemarket great success in their goal of increasing the presence of Niuean products on the vast web.

Click the link below and have a browse!

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