・ 14 – 16 cm Premium Beans

・ Organically Grown and Cured Vanilla Pods (Tahitiensis Variety)

・ Approximation of 8 – 10 Beans Per Vacuum Pack

・ All Natural with No Additives

・ Rich in Aroma & Vanilla Flavour

・ Safely Sealed in Vacuum Packaging

・ DO NOT Store in Refrigerator (keep in cool and air tight container)


Vacuum packed vanilla beans can be stored in its sealed pack in premium condition of up to 5 years, however once the vacuum pack is opened the beans must be stored correctly in an air tight glass jar. DO NOT REFRIDGERATE – Always store in a cool dark place in your pantry. For more information on how to properly store vanilla, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Premium Vanilla Pods - Grade B (14-16cm) 30gm

GST Included