Premium Grade (16 – 18 cm) 50gm


16 – 18 cm Premium Beans
・ Organically Grown and Cured Vanilla Pods (Tahitiensis Variety)
・ Approximation of 7 – 9 Beans Per Vacuum Pack
All Natural with No Additives
Rich in Aroma & Vanilla Flavour
・ Safely Sealed in Vacuum Packaging
DO NOT Store in Refrigerator (keep in cool and air tight container)


Vacuum packed vanilla pods can be stored in its sealed pack in premium condition of up to 5 years, however once the vacuum pack is opened the pods must be stored correctly in an air tight glass jar. DO NOT REFRIDGERATE – Always store in a cool dark place in your pantry. For more information on how to properly store vanilla, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Very strong aroma and very rich in flavour. These beans are the perfect cooking/ baking ingredient for desserts, cocktails, cakes and many more. Do not throw vanilla skins away after extracting the vanilla caviar or seeds. We highly recommend that you to put these vanilla skins in your sugar jar and make your own vanilla flavoured sugar. Ensure to get the full benefit of our premium vanilla beans and your money’s worth. Brown gourmet sugar works best with NIUE vanilla pods!!


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