Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml (Therapeutic)


Pure Coconut Oil from the South Pacific
Infused with a Organic Vanilla Pod
・ Available in a Plastic Bottle (suitable for warm environments)
No Artificial Additives
DO NOT Store in Refrigerator (keep in cool and warm temperature environment)


Vanilla does not have an expiry or best before date. However it is recommended for vanilla to be stored correctly. For more information on how to properly store vanilla, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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100% Pure Coconut Oil infused with vanilla flavour. Available in a plastic bottle – easy to use and transport during the warm summer months. Feel like relieving some stress with some massage oil? This perfect solution will definitely help you receive physical relaxation and stimulation for your muscles. Infused with vanilla, this product will heal not just the body and but the inner soul.


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